Working for International Dialogue and Peace

Letter to Mr. Akbar Ganji

by Daniel M Pourkesali (source: CASMII) September 21, 2006

I read with interest your earnest appeal in "Letter to America" [1] posted in Washington Post today. ››read more

Statement by Javad Zarif, Permanent Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran before the Security Council

by Javad Zarif (source: IRI) July 31, 2006

zarif: Javad Zarif at the UN.zarif: Javad Zarif at the UN.Mr. President,

In my letter of 28 July 2006, I had requested to be given an opportunity to speak before the Council takes action, so that the Council would be appraised -for the first time, of the views of the concerned party before it adopts a decision. ››read more

RE: Opinion - "We may have to bomb Iran" by Ron Liddle - The Sunday Times

by Soraya Ulrich (source: CASMII) April 30, 2006


It is not clear which is more perilous to society, bigotry or ignorance, but when an 'opinion' piece is pleading with the public to go to war applying both, spiced with deliberate misinformation, we must question the motive. ››read more

Universities and tolerance

by Shahrm Mostarshed (source: CASMII) September 15, 2006

Dear Alan "Torture is OK" Dershowitz,

I read your column in the Boston Globe published on September 9th regarding former Iranian president Khatami's visit to Harvard. ››read more

Wake up call for Iranian Communities around the World

by Abbas Edalat, (source: CASMII) July 31, 2006

The horrific US and UK supported war waged by Israel against Lebanon under the pretext of self defense for the capture of two soldiers by Hezbollah is setting the stage for a US/Israeli military assault on Iran that would lead to a major conflagration in the Middle East and beyond. Only the global antiwar movement and urgent action by a united Iranian community can stop such an aggression. ››read more

Call for United Action to Prevent a Catastrophic US-Israel War against Iran

by CASMII (source: CASMII) August 20, 2006

The US and UK supported war waged by Israel against Lebanon has been the prelude to an imminent massive military attack against Iran. Urgent mass action by Iranian people in and outside the country and million strong protests by the antiwar movement around the world, in particular in the US and UK, are absolutely imperative to stop a US pre-emptive strike on Iran in the coming weeks and months. ››read more