EU ban on Iran Air: An awakening moment

by Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich(CASMII Columns)
Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The EU has announced its decision to impose flight bans on Iran Air.   The ban, a dark cloud in humanity's chapter, brings with it a silver lining for the Iranians and all those who cherish values.  For a while there, some Iranians foolishly thought that the EU had a heart.  In spite of their racism, their brutal colonial past and current mentality, some Iranians naively thought that the EU respects  human rights -- that there exists compassion.  What a rude awakening for the naive -- yet an awakening that opens the eyes to the pot of gold.  

Iranians will learn that the proposal for an air boycott -- a quarantine -- was an idea voiced in the right-wing Washington Times in 2007 by  Michael B. Kraft and  Brett Wallace.  These two argued that "[S]uspending Iran Air's landing rights and cutting off spare parts and maintenance services would be a very visible and dramatic step to both the Iranian public and the mullahs".   That the boycott would turn the people against the government and the people of Iran would renounce their rights. How foolish!

The slavish EU obeyed and gave Iranians their  silver lining  removing all dark clouds which had blinded them to the malicious intentions disguised as feigned compassion for Iranians and their rights.   While the EU obeys,  Iran refuses to bend and remains standing tall and proud.  Awake, the Iranians will remain alert and follow the silver lining to the pot of gold -- a united path towards enduring freedom and independence. 

Iran's adversaries have spent over 3 decades attempting to capitulate this magnificent nation.  They have unleashed terrorists in the country, instigated war, imposed sanctions, and attempted to divide and conquer the nation by interfering in its presidential elections.  They hoped to divide the nation and internalize the enemy so that the people would lose sight of the real enemy -- those who want to subjugate her -- the neoconservatives and the colonizers. 

Unbroken and fully cognizant of their enemies' intentions, the resilient Iranians will continue to defend their independence more proudly than any American or European who has succumbed to the will of neoconservatives.   For this, they have the EU to thank for.   

This is the dawn of a new day for Iranians.  Awakened to the ugly face of the real enemy, their resolve will endure as their adversary weakens in the face of the self-inflicted wounds.  If only there was a silver lining for the dark cloud that hangs over America and the EU.   

Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich is an independent scholar and researcher. Her focus is U.S. foreign policy and the influence of lobby groups.