A New Year's Resolution: Save Iranians from devastation in 2007

by Rostam Pourzal (source: CASMII)
Monday, December 25, 2006

        Editor's note: Rostam Pourzal is the President of CASMII US. A Persian advert for participating in the January 27th demonstation is also attached as a pdf document below.

A New Year's Resolution:
Save Iranians From Devastation in 2007

You signed petitions against Persian Gulf name abuses and you sent help to earthquake victims in Bam. But your job is not finished. Hostile battleships are turning Iran's coastal waters into an Anglo-American Gulf as they wait for orders to inflict worse devastation in Iran than the Bam earthquake. The imposition of UN sanctions is the first step towards war, as it was in the case of Iraq. What will you do for peace in 2007? Unlike earthquakes, war is preventable. What will you do to prevent thousands of Iranian children from being buried under rubble in 2007?

Opponents of war on Iran in the US Congress are besieged by expatriate hawks and are asking the rest of us to stand for peace. Before it's too late, let's not allow extremists who are Iranian in name only speak for us in Washington. On January 27 a coalition of hundreds of American antiwar groups, United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ), will hold a mass protest against the fraud that's called "pre-emptive" war, an insane formulation that makes the United States less safe. Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran (CASMII) will march with UFPJ in the nation's capital to oppose foreign aggression against Iran. The people of Iran expect us to act on their behalf, and joining a legal protest is the least we can do.

As we explained in this recent analysis, CASMII doubts that the new Democratic majority in Congress will make U.S. or Israeli aggression against Iran less likely. Now as the 2008 race for the White House is beginning, American politicians and political parties will needle each other to "get tough with Iran" in order to score points with the Israeli lobby. On January 27, let us send them the message that the people of Iran are capable of deciding their own future (including whether they need nuclear energy) and that foreign intervention will only slow Iran's progress toward full democracy.

Thousands of other Americans are traveling to DC from as far away as the West Coast that day to say no to war in Iraq. Shouldn't you be there for Iran on January 27 with signs and banners for peace with Iran?

In past antiwar demonstrations in New York and Washington, we have met dozens of concerned Iranians in scattered groups of two or three. But with the new sanctions, Iran is now officially placed on the slippery slope toward being attacked in the name of "war on terror." We ask for your help as we work to draw more Iranians this time and to encourage those who come to assemble in one place before joining the UFPJ march as a single bloc. Dozens of American friends of CASMII will be there with us.

We are an independent, diverse network of supporters of Iran's national sovereignty (not supporters of Iran's government) who advocate direct U.S. dialog with Iran without pre-conditions. We are united with millions of other Americans who demand respect for international law and the right of other nations to live free from war crimes. To learn the time and location of the January 27 march, please check our website at www.CampaignIran.org by mid-January, after the police permit details are finalized. If you're affiliated with a progressive Iranian or American group, we hope you will consider posting this invitation on their website or listserves. Thank you.


A flyer in Persian calling for participation in the 27th January demonstration is attached below.

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