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Antagonising Iran: A strategic miscalculation?

by Seyed Mohammad Marandi (source: Aljazeera) April 23, 2014

To force Iranian capitulation, Western countries have, among other things, excluded Iran, with the world's second-largest proven reserves of natural gas, from the EU market, thus consolidating a Russian near-monopoly. And now that they wish to impose a Kiev-based coup regime on southern and eastern Ukraine, they have almost no cards to play. Ironically, crippling sanctions have started to cripple the tormentor. ››read more

US Nuclear Weapons Proliferation: We’re No. 1!

by John LaForge (source: Common Dreams) April 20, 2014

The corporate media is focused on the question of how or if Iran could ever break out of its promise under the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty to eschew nuclear weapons to use reactors only for civilian purposes. So many headlines refer to sanctions imposed against Iran that millions of people mistakenly think Iran has a nuclear arsenal. It doesn’t. ››read more

America's Coup Machine: Destroying Democracy Since 1953

by Nicolas J.S. Davies (source: AlterNet) April 20, 2014

U.S. efforts to overthrow foreign governments leave the world less peaceful, less just and less hopeful. ››read more

The Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program That Wasn’t

by Gareth Porter (source: April 13, 2014

When U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts Carmen M. Ortiz unsealed the indictment of a Chinese citizen in the UK for violating the embargo against Iran, she made what appeared to be a new US accusation of an Iran nuclear weapons program.

The press release on the indictment announced that between in November 2005 and 2012, Sihai Cheng had supplied parts that have nuclear applications, including U.S.-made goods, to an Iranian company, Eyvaz Technic Manufacturing, which it described as “involved in the development and procurement of parts for Iran’s nuclear weapons program.” ››read more

Has Iran Really Pursued Nukes?

by Gareth Porter (interview with Kelley Vlahos) (source: The American Conservative) April 2, 2014

What do most of us really know about the Iranian nuclear program? After a decade of hearing that Iran is just one year from getting the bomb, and that its leaders are radically bent on the destruction of Israel and its Western allies, no one could be blamed for thinking that Iran really wants (or already has) atomic weapons.

Gareth Porter knows the narrative. He has worked tirelessly to pursue the truth of the matter. His conclusion: Iran never had a nuclear weapons program and, frankly, it doesn’t want one. ››read more

US Rejected Israeli Demand for Iran Nuclear Confession

by Gareth Porter (source: April 1, 2014

The Barack Obama administration appears to have rejected a deal-breaking demand by Israel for an Iranian confession to having had a covert nuclear weapons program as a condition for completing the comprehensive nuclear agreement. ››read more

The US media and the "mysterious carrier" mock-up in Iran: utter bankruptcy on display, yet again

by Cyrus Sadfari (source: March 28, 2014

So the NY Times came out with a story about a "mysterious" Iranian mock-up of a US naval carrier. Supposedly "shrouded in mystery" and built "presumably for some mysteriously bellicose purposes," (and "while Iran has tried to conceal its underground nuclear-related sites" -- I guess the NY Times had to get a lie about the nuclear issue in there too) the author proceeds to quote various US military officials suggesting that Iran was going to make some sort of "propaganda point" with the fake ship, and so the 5th Fleet rushed to "get ahead of the Iranians" by announcing it to the media...which proceeded to run with the "Iranian propaganda" story. ››read more

Current Iran "Crisis" Began With Overthrow of Democratically Elected Government in 1953

by Gareth Porter (interview with Mark Karlin) (source: Truth-Out) March 24, 2014

In Manufactured Crisis, investigative journalist Gareth Porter details the manipulation and fabrications that have accompanied the current Iranian nuclear situation. The main difference between this and the Iraq war conspiracy, the author says, was that the neoconservatives who were carrying it out never got the war on Iran they wanted. ››read more

Israel Provided IAEA with Fake Documents on Iran’s Nuclear Program

by Gareth Porter (interview with K. Ziabari) (source: Iran Review) March 18, 2014

"I recently had an interview with the former senior official of the agency [IAEA] who further elaborated on those differences and pointed out that outside the safeguards department, senior officials were not at all convinced by these documents, including the laptop documents which the IAEA called the alleged studies, and the green salt papers, believing that they were probably fabricated, and they suspected Israel all long as the logical candidate. So I think that we have to differentiate within the IAEA between the leadership of the safeguards department who were working closely with the United States and Israel on one hand, and the other senior officials of the agency including of course ElBaradei himself, who were extremely skeptical of that document." ››read more

The Use of Force, the Reflexive Resort to Economic Sanctions, and the Trials of America’s Hegemonic Mindset

by Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett (source: Going to Tehran) March 17, 2014

As negotiations toward a “final” nuclear deal between the P5+1 and Iran continue, it is important to consider to what extent the world might be witnessing a fundamental change in American foreign policy. We are inclined to think that the Obama administration would not have gone as far down the diplomatic road with Iran as it has in the absence of President Obama’s self-inflicted debacle over his declared intention to attack Syria after chemical weapons were used there in August 2013. This episode drove home—to the Obama administration as well as to most of the rest of the world—that the United States can no longer credibly threaten to use military force in the Middle East for hegemonic purposes. ››read more

Rest In Peace Tony Benn. Tireless and inspirational fighter for peace, justice and equality

by Lindsey German (source: Stop the War Coalition ) March 14, 2014

Tony Benn's legacy will be a commitment to organise, fight injustice and campaign for an equal society, and to oppose the endless war and militarism that is such a blight on today's world. ››read more

        Editor's note: Tony Benn, veteran left-wing campaigner for peace and social justice and President of the Stop the War Coalition, died peacefully this morning in his house in west London.

"Free our Soldiers :Petition in Support of 5 Abducted Iranian Border Guards

(source: March 14, 2014

On 6 February 2014, five Iranian border guards were kidnapped by a Pakistan based terrorist group called " Jeishol-adl (The Army of Justice)". The following petition has been issued in support of the abducted soldiers and signed by large number of artists, scholars, athletes, journalist and activists.

Please sign the petition here now. ››read more

47th Death Anniversary of Dr. Mohammad Mosaddegh

(source: Iran Review) March 7, 2014

5th March (Esfand 14/15) is Dr. Mohammad Mosaddegh's death annivesary, who is considered a national hero of Iran by many for his efforts in nationalizing the country's oil industry.

Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh (19 May 1882 – 5 March 1967) was a lawyer, professor, author, Governor, Parliament member, Finance Minister, Defense Minister, and democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran.

Mossadegh fought both internal corruption and British colonialism, enacted social reforms and nationalized the Iranian oil industry.

In 1953, he was overthrown by a British-American coup, arrested and tried as a traitor in military tribunal court. It was the CIA's first successful dismantling of a foreign government. ››read more

Resolving Nuclear Arms Claims Hinges on Iran’s Demand for Documents

by Gareth Porter (source: March 2, 2014

The Barack Obama administration has demanded that Iran resolve “past and present concerns” about the “possible military dimensions” of its nuclear program as a condition for signing a comprehensive nuclear agreement with Tehran.

Administration officials have suggested that Iran must satisfy the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) regarding the allegations in the agency’s report that it has had a covert nuclear weapons program in the past.

But the record of negotiations between Iran and the IAEA shows Tehran has been ready for the past two years to provide detailed responses to all the charges of an Iranian nuclear weapons work, and that the problem has been the refusal of the IAEA to share with Iran the documentary evidence on which those allegations have been based. ››read more

Obama Pins Fate of Nuclear Pact on Documents From an Iranian "Curveball"

by Gareth Porter (source: Truth-Out) February 26, 2014

Obama administration officials insist "possible military dimensions" of Iran’s nuclear program must be resolved to the satisfaction of the IAEA to complete a nuclear agreement. But the term refers to discredited intelligence from suspect sources. ››read more

US Adopts Israeli Demand to Bring Iran’s Missiles Into Nuclear Talks

by Gareth Porter (source: February 22, 2014

The Barack Obama administration’s insistence that Iran discuss its ballistic missile program in the negotiations for a comprehensive nuclear agreement brings its position into line with that of Israel and senators who introduced legislation drafted by the pro-Israel lobby group AIPAC aimed at torpedoing the negotiations. ››read more

US Media rewriting history to blame Iran for nuclear standoff

by Cyrus Safdari (source: February 14, 2014

With the publication of Gareth Porter's book about the history of Iran's nuclear program entitled appropriately "Manufactured Conflict" and the up-coming publication of Daniel Joyner's book which touches on the legalities of Iran's nuclear program, I pretty much have nothing to write about these days but I have been enjoying the mess that we see in the media as the Gatekeepers of Opinion scamble to re-tune their messages ››read more

Iran leader Hassan Rouhani blasts U.S. for “rude and offensive” ongoing threat of military action

(source: CBS) February 12, 2014

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani hit out on Tuesday at Western assertions that a military solution to a nuclear dispute with Tehran remained an option and pledged that Tehran would press on “forever” with what he called peaceful atomic research. ››read more

America and the Middle East: It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again

by Hillary Mann Leverett (source: Going to Tehran) February 11, 2014

Three years ago, Washington experienced its own dose of “shock and awe”—the PR phrase used to sanitise its brutal invasion of Iraq—when hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of ordinary Arabs took to the streets to demand the overthrow of leaders more interested in Washington’s approval than that of their own peoples. But American policy elites’ professed surprise was primarily a function of their own self-imposed amnesia and delusion. ››read more

The Illusion of AIPAC's Invincibility

by Trita Parsi (source: Huffington Post) February 11, 2014

The defeat of AIPAC's ill-advised push for new sanctions on Iran in the midst of successful negotiations is nothing short of historic. The powerful and hawkish pro-Israeli lobby's defeats are rare and seldom public. But in the last year, it has suffered three major public setbacks, of which the sanctions defeat is the most important one. ››read more