Economic sanctions are an act of war

by Chris Bassil (source: Duke Chromicle) November 1, 2012

During the most recent presidential debate, President Barack Obama congratulated himself on a continuation of the United States’ policy of economic sanctions against Iran. “We … organized the strongest coalition and the strongest sanctions against Iran in history, and it is crippling their economy,” he said. “Their currency has dropped 80 percent. Their oil production has plunged to the lowest level since they were fighting a war with Iraq 20 years ago. So their economy is in a shambles [sic].” ››read more

Support Gareth Porter's book on the history of Iran's nuclear program

by Cyrus Safdari (source: Iran Affairs) November 1, 2012

Helena Cobban of Just World News and Just World Books has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to publish a book by Gareth Porter entitled "Manufactured Crisis: A history of the Iranian nuclear program". I sugges that all my readers contribute whatever they can to finance this project since the few books that exist already on the subject are mostly garbage, and Gareth Porter has shown himself to be quite independent and willing to do some real news reporting and analysis when it comes to Iran, instead of merely acting like a mouthpiece of the US by parrotting conventional wisdom and half-baked claims as do the Judith Miller, Michael Gordon, David Ignatius, Joby Warrick, David Sanger or Con Coughlins of the world. ››read more

Nuclear threat in the Middle East

by Jim Brann (source: Peaceline, newsletter of London CND) November 1, 2012

Dimona plantDimona plantOn 27 September Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu addressed
the United Nations. He produceda cartoon-style drawing of a nuclear
bomb and drew a “clear red line” which he said Iran must not cross in
its uranium enrichment efforts. ››read more