Iran suspends 20% enrichment: sign of a secret deal? Will Obama reciprocate?

by Cyrus Safdari (source: Iran Affairs) November 4, 2012

Reports are saying that Iran unilaterally suspended 20% enrichment as a gesture of good faith prior to the coming nuclear negotiations. If true, this is a gambit by Iran. Having already accumulated the necessary 20% enriched uranium it needs for powering its reactors (and having started to convert the stuff into reactor fuel plates, as they said they would be doing all along, thus precluding the use of the stuff for making theoretical nukes) the Iranians are trying to gain the moral upper ground in the negotiations by showing flexibility, and they're granting the Obama administration some breathing room by allowing them to proclaim a victory of sorts to justify a face-saving opportunity to back down from their position too. Mutual benefit, with the added bonus that Obama can use this for his election campaign as another "sucess". ››read more

20% enrichment not halted in Iran: Lawmaker

(source: Press TV) November 5, 2012

An Iranian lawmaker has dismissed reports about the suspension of the enrichment of uranium to the 20% degree in Iran, stressing that the Islamic Republic has made no changes in its nuclear energy policies, Press TV reports. ››read more