Getting Involved

This page is a set of suggestions which you might like to consider if you find yourself wanting to "do something" about the threatened war against Iran but don't know where to start!

Get informed

The more you know about the situation, the better you will be able to campaign, the more confident you will be explaining your views to others, and the more difficult it will be for those who disagree with you to accuse you of using inaccurate information or being manipulated by political agendas.

You can also review CASMII Educational Resources.

Join in with current campaign activities

Join in with any current campaigns you see highlighted on our website (check upcoming Events & Activities page).

Spread the word

Write to your political representative

This really is worth doing: if political representatives (MPs, Members of Congress, MEPs, etc) are aware that a significant number of their constituents object to their government's policy on Iran then the message will gradually filter up! They will also be forced to think about the issue and will be encouraged to stand up against government policy.

For those in the UK: Find out who your MP is, then write to them at the House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA. Alternatively you can contact them online via, although a letter may have more impact. You might also like to write directly to the Foreign Secretary at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (King Charles Street, London SW1A 2AH). You can also find the names and email addresses of British MEPs in order to write to them.

For those in the US: Contact your representative in the Congress directly. Alternatively, contact the members of the relevant congressional committees and sub-committees. You can use Project Vote Smart to look up voting records.

Your letter can be very simple and short. In the UK, the reply you receive will quite likely be a copy of, or based on, standard letters produced by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. Be aware that they use all sorts of political tricks to justify their position, sometimes quoting misleading information which has long been proved incorrect or unrepresentative. Feel free to contact us if you would like help responding to the Government's letters.

Write to the press

Writing letters to newspapers in response to articles about Iran is an excellent way to make your point to a large audience. Even if your letter isn't published, the more letters received on a particular subject, the more likely they are to print at least one of them. Some tips for writing to the media are given in a Voices UK briefing. CAABU also provide good suggestions on writing to the media, and have a comprehensive list of ways of contacting major media outlets in the UK.

Organise a local event

Raise awareness in your community by organising a speaker meeting at your local church / mosque / school / university / community centre. We can advise about possible speakers.

If there isn't an anti-sanctions campaign group near you, why not start one? Feel free to contact us for advice.

Support existing campaign groups

Make a donation

Like most campaign groups, CASMII is always short of resources. Financial donations (however small) towards our campaigning work are always very welcome. We promise to use your donations very carefully and efficiently!

Join the CASMII team

If you feel able to help with CASMII's work in any way, please do contact us - we are always full of ideas and short of people power to implement them! To learn more about what CASMII does, see the About Us page.