IAEA-Iran Agreement

(source: IAEA)
Friday, September 7, 2007

        Editor's note: This is a report of the "Understandings" between the IAEA and Iran following the IAEA visit to Tehran of 12 July and subsequent meetings of 24 July and 21 August. It outlines the agreement of defined modalities and timetable to address all outstanding ambiguities in relation to Iran's nuclear programme, on a step by step basis and within a strict time frame, until November. This statement which has been posted on the IAEA website by Iran's request for the purpose of public inspection, clears Iran's plutonium experiments. This is the first vidication of the workability of the IAEA-Iran agreement because the plutonium experiments had been labelled by the US as evidence of Iran's weaponisation programme! The statement further states "the non-diversion of the declared nuclear material at the enrichment facilities in Iran" concluding that it "remains in peaceful use".

Understandings of The Islamic Republic of Iran and the IAEA on the Modalities of Resolution of the Outstanding Issues

Tehran – 21 August 2007

Pursuant to the negotiations between H.E. Dr.Larijani, I. R. of Iran's Secretary of
Supreme National Security Council and H.E. Dr. ElBaradei, Director General of the IAEA, in Vienna; following the initiative and good will of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the agreement made, a high ranking delegation consisting of the directors of
technical, legal and political departments of the IAEA, paid a visit to Tehran from 11 to 12 July 2007 during which “Understandings of The Islamic Republic of Iran and the IAEA on the Modalities of Resolution of the Outstanding Issues, Tehran 12 July 2007”
were prepared.

A second meeting took place in Vienna on 24 July 2007 followed by a further meeting in Iran from 20 to 21 August 2007. The Agency's delegation had the opportunity to have meetings with H.E. Dr. Larijani during both visits to Tehran. Following these three
consecutive meetings, both Parties reached the following understandings:

I. Latest Developments:

Based on the modalities agreed upon on 12 July 2007, the following decisions were

1. Present Issues:

A. Enrichment Programme

The Agency and Iran agreed to cooperate in preparing the safeguards approach for the
Natanz Fuel Enrichment Plant in accordance with Iran's Comprehensive Safeguards
Agreement. The draft text of the safeguards approach paper, and the facility attachment

B. Ghachine Mine

Based on agreed modalities of 12 July 2007, Iran agreed to deal with this issue, once the issue of Po210 is concluded and its file is closed. Iran and the Agency agreed upon the following procedural steps: regarding this issue, the Agency will provide Iran in writing with all its remaining questions by 15 September 2007.

After 2 weeks from conclusion and closure of the issue of Po210, reflected in the Director General's report to the Board of Governors, Iran and the Agency will have discussions in Iran where Iran will provide explanations to the Agency about Ghachine Mine.

III. Alleged Studies

Iran reiterated that it considers the following alleged studies as politically motivated and
baseless allegations. The Agency will however provide Iran with access to the documentation it has in its possession regarding: the Green Salt Project, the high
explosive testing and the missile re-entry vehicle.
As a sign of good will and cooperation with the Agency, upon receiving all related documents, Iran will review and inform the Agency of its assessment.

IV. General Understandings

1. These modalities cover all remaining issues and the Agency confirmed that there are no other remaining issues and ambiguities regarding Iran's past nuclear program and activities.

2. The Agency agreed to provide Iran with all remaining questions according to the above work plan. This means that after receiving the questions, no other questions are left. Iran will provide the Agency with the required clarifications and information.

3. The Agency's delegation is of the view that the agreement on the above issues shall further promote the efficiency of the implementation of safeguards in Iran and its ability to conclude the exclusive peaceful nature of the Iran's nuclear activities.

4. The Agency has been able to verify the non-diversion of the declared nuclear materials at the enrichment facilities in Iran and has therefore concluded that it remains in peaceful use.

5. The Agency and Iran agreed that after the implementation of the above work plan and the agreed modalities for resolving the outstanding issues, the implementation of safeguards in Iran will be conducted in a routine manner.

The full announcement can be read in the following attached file:

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