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Who allies with whom against Iran?

by Umur Talu, translated from Turkish by Can ErtĂĽr (Sabah)
Thursday, September 20, 2007

Recently Israeli warplanes dived into the Syrian airspace to "rehearse an attack" and dropped a "fuel tank" on the Turkish territory. The following scenarios were suggested about the incident:

1. The Israeli warplanes took off from Israel but violated the Turkish airspace as well:

a) By mistake;

b) Knowingly, intentionally.

2. The Israeli warplanes took off from Turkey anyway:

a) Without informing Turkey;

b) With Turkey's (or some of its institutions) knowledge.

3. The warplanes took off from Israel, but Turkey was informed:

a) Turkey was informed, permission to use its airspace was granted;

b) Furthermore, Turkey played a significant role by providing Israel with specific intelligence.

4. The Israeli warplanes performed a real attack reconnaissance and rehearsal:

a) For an attack on Syria;

b) For an attack on Iran.

5. The Israeli warplanes did not perform the rehearsal on behalf of Israel only:

a) They did it as a joint action and operation with the USA;

b) Beside the USA, Turkey and its airspace were also rehearsed.

6. The Israeli warplanes deliberately used the Turkish airspace:

a) As a fait accompli to Turkey in order to create tension in her relation with Syria (Iran);

b) There are already joint plans among the USA, Israel and Turkey for such cooperation.

7. Israel and the USA want to use Turkey, especially in attacking Iran:

a) Turkey would never allow or accept this;

b) Turkey may be obliged or forced to. Or she is already part of these plans anyway.

So many scenarios and interpretations…

But this is the result:

(Turkish) Foreign Office protested Israel and sought an explanation.

"It was a mistake" mumbled Israel.

No mention of the dropped fuel tanks or the violations by the warplanes was made on the [Turkey's] Chief of Staff's website, which keeps track of violations of the [Turkish] airspace.

The Syrians dashed here; while openly condemning Israel, they didn't say anything explicit to us (besides what they have said behind closed doors). And the [Turkish] State never disclosed to the public which of these scenarios was true.

But guess what Turkey's "greatest, most pro-establishment" newspaper wrote on its website:

"The prevailing opinion on this issue is the following: Why should we go through a crisis with Israel because of Syria , which hosted terrorists for many years?"

Strange, isn't it?

But actually it is Northern Iraq, rather than Syria, has been "the host of terrorists" for a long time.

As for "the master of the host" ("the landlord of the region" or "the father of the invasion", if you will), it is the USA.

However, folks like these cannot actually say "USA has been the host of terrorists for some years now". Because that's the way they are. And even when holders of "prevailing opinions" pretend to say that, this is actually what is happening:

USA (and Israel) who want to use "Turkey (at least its territory, bases and airspace) for attacking Iran" are also using the "PKK for attacking Iran".

PKK, which increasingly consists (made to consist) of Kurds from Iran (and Syria), has been transformed into a subsidiary "organisation for attacking on Iran". This was done by the "host Iraqi Kurdish leaders", on "the master of the masters' " USA (and Israel) account.

However, some Kurds in Turkey and their political parties who claim to be "leftist, anti-imperialist and anti-colonialist", has got nothing to say with regards to becoming a tool of imperialism, being used as a pawn in pitting communities against each other or acting as a hitman for the USA and Israel; let alone the issue of " terrorism".

When "attacking Iran" is the issue, the former and latter become "allies".

But lo and behold! What should one make of a state that allows the USA and Israel to use its land and airspace for "attacking Iran" and that of "a combat and terror organization" that allows to be used by the USA and Israel?

Now they will also get the French [Prime Minister] Sarkozy, who "doesn't want Turkey in the EU", but clings to the USA and Israel and "wants an attack on Iran", to adopt a "carrots and sticks policy" towards Turkey. In other words, Sarkozy will use the EU as bait for our territory, airspace and bases.

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