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The Rise of French Neo-conservatism

by Brian H. Appleton (CASMII)
Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Dear Readers,

I find the changes which have taken place in France rather troubling. What exactly do Sarkozy and Kouchner hope to accomplish by sucking up to a loser like Bush? Don't they read the polls? Don't they see the quagmire, the financial black hole he has gotten America into in Iraq?

Wasn't it enough that both France and America got their asses kicked in Vietnam? The French lost in Algeria as well. What motivated Vietnamese and Algerians was the same, to throw off the colonial yoke; and as long as people are fighting for their independence and identity they have the force of right on their side, no matter what the odds. Witness the dissolution of the USSR. No empire can hold people against their will forever. France has historically gone through bouts of anti-Semitism and now anti-Islam, but never mind that the immigrants are there as a result of former French imperialism.

I find it interesting that the French should make hedjab illegal when Catholic women still cover their heads in church. By discriminating against Islam, the rights and freedoms of all the citizens are in peril. As I have said before in other articles, forcing women to cover their bodies and faces is just the flip side of the male chauvinism of the West which brings huge pressures on women to bare themselves and become sexualized. The producers in the West love to use sexuality to sell products. They do not have women's rights in mind, believe me. How a person dresses should be a matter of personal choice or cultural preference or identity not mandated by religion or legislation or social pressure. Should Hassidic Jews be forced to cut their sideburns or not wear Yamaka hats because the majority of the population don't?!

Why pick on Iran for wanting nuclear power? Iran has not attacked any other nation in the last two centuries where as how many wars has Israel started? Israel got away with the bombardment of Lebanon with total impunity, destroying its infrastructure, with little objection from the international community. Israel has nuclear weapons, Pakistan and India have nuclear weapons and they are not members of the Non Proliferation Treaty. So why pick on Iran? Pick on Iran for the same reason that Iraq was invaded; for the oil. Iraq had no WMD and no connection to Al-Qaeda, just as Iran has no nuclear bombs nor even plans to make them, but it is a handy excuse to invade Iran and re-install a puppet. And if the UN finds no evidence of NPT violations in Iran then disenfranchise the UN!

Bush invaded Iraq without a mandate from the UN and punished countries that wouldn't take his side with threats of sanctions and loss of trade. Iran, much like China in the 1920's Boxer Rebellion, was determined to throw off its foreign yoke with its revolution of 1979.. I was there. I saw nationalization of foreign owned businesses and hotels, removal of foreign restaurants, etc. In fact the main reason for the rug being pulled out from under the Shah by the USA was his growing independence and his autonomous relationship with Russia.

I am appalled by the rise of neo-conservatism, or really, neo-fascism, not only in the USA and France but let us not forget Berlusconi in Italy. You know there is a similarity between the use of fear tactics by Bush and the same strategy used by the Nazis who convinced their populace that pre-emptive strikes was the only way to survive. Now some pundits in Germany are calling for the partition of Iran.
The CIA has been fomenting rebellion in the two oil rich provinces of Iran and now even Greenspan and Kissinger have publicly gone on record declaring that the only interests the US has in Iran and Iraq are petroleum.

Ahmadinejad hurt his credibility in his denials of the holocaust when all he had to say was that the holocaust is not a justification for the aggression that Israel has committed against the Palestinians, the Lebanese and now the Syrians.

So if the Ahmadinejad wanted to lay a wreath on Ground Zero to “legitimize” himself or perhaps because he really felt sorrow for the victims, who are we to judge his motives after we, the people, have allowed Bush to invade two nations and now plan for a third?

And isn't it ironic that the IRI is accused of helping Al-Qaeda, when Al-Qaeda is a creation of the CIA. I have heard that the Bush family actually made their initial fortune financing Nazis and laundering Nazi money in US banks during WWII. Bush family are friends of the Ben Laden family, and yet, at the same time, the White House advisors are all Zionists from the American Enterprise Institute. It's enough to make your head spin.

I am reminded of how on the one hand Khomeini called Israel and the USA “Great Satanic Forces”, while on the other, the IRI continued to buy American arms via Israel and it took our press 12 years to figure out Iran Contra.

In fact I was recently informed by one political analyst that the helicopter crashes in Northern Iran for which Carter was once ridiculed in his purported attempt to free the US Embassy hostages was actually a cover up for quite a different operation. The theory is that, according to my source, as repayment for the assistance the US presumably gave the revolutionaries in overthrowing the Shah, the IRI was allowing the US military to use Northern Iran as a staging area for supplying US weapons to the Afghans in their battle against the Soviet invaders.

Wherein lies the truth, we may never know, but Bush can't be trusted. Bush senior was head of the CIA, so we have a long family tradition here of manipulation, duplicity and propaganda, all intended to give the US military industrial complex the upper-hand, disguised as patriotism, and protecting "US vital interests" or even "spreading democracy"...

We have a US Senate and Congress with a narrow democratic majority won on an anti war vote, who will not vote to stop the war, but can find time to censor "Moveon.Org" which represents over 3 million liberal voters. The censorship and infringement of civil liberties exceeds the excesses of the McCarthy Era, where, if you questioned authority, you were accused of being unpatriotic. We have the Congress and Senate continuing to pass wire tapping bills without warrants and court orders...

I would like to say that blind acceptance of authority is a ticket to totalitarianism which the world witnessed in the 1930’s during the Fascist era which led directly to World War II which took more lives than any war in history. It frightens me to see the far right wing hardliners in power in the USA, in Italy and now even in France. Fascists are always looking for bogeymen and scape goats to vanquish and conquer. I am reminded of Mussolini bombing Ethiopia while Heile Salasse petitioned the UN for help, to no avail, as they did nothing. You can be sure that if Iraq had only dates to export that the excesses of Saddam would not have mattered much to the West and if Iran had only pistachios the excesses of the IRI would pass unnoticed.

The propaganda war against Iran has been going on for the entire presidency of Mr. Bush and now Kouchner has joined in the war mongering. Well I tell you that the motives of these neoconservatives deserve intense scrutiny.

It is no virtue to accept authority without question. In fact, it is a one way ticket to the death of democracy. When it becomes apparent that authority is abusing its mandate, it becomes our patriotic duty to question it and to attempt to change it through the system of checks and balances that republics have set in place to correct themselves without having to resort to bloodshed. The system of checks and balances was the fruit of hard lessons learned from history over centuries as seen by the Magna Carta in England and the Constitutional Revolution of 1906 in Iran, as two examples.

If bloodshed becomes the only recourse, then democracy itself is in peril.

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