When will Britain learn More war is not the answer

by Lindsey German (source: Morning Star) November 21, 2015

Behind Cameron’s new round of banging the drum for war lies a total failure of most politicians to admit the reasons for the growth of Isis. ››read more

        Editor's note: Lindsey German is convener of the Stop the War Coalition. Go to www.stopwar.org.uk for lobbying tools and details of events.

Stop the War statement on the Paris attacks

(source: STWC) November 16, 2015

The response of the Western governments and other major powers has been for more war. President Hollande of France has talked of a 'pitiless' war against terrorism. The idea that bombing will end terrorism is refuted by the history of the last 14 years. It has already led to an increase in Islamophobia and to attacks on civil liberties which will likely target Muslims above all. ››read more

Rouhani trips cancelled after Paris attacks

(source: IRDiplomacy) November 15, 2015

Planned trips by Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani to three European destinations, including France, has been cancelled following a spate of deadly terror attacks in the French capital, Paris. ››read more

The Saudis Are Stumbling – They May Take the Middle East With Them

by Conn Hallinan (source: Antiwar.com) November 15, 2015

For the past eight decades Saudi Arabia has been careful.

Using its vast oil wealth, it’s quietly spread its ultra-conservative brand of Islam throughout the Muslim world, secretly undermined secular regimes in its region, and prudently kept to the shadows while others did the fighting and dying. It was Saudi money that fueled the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan, underwrote Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Iran, and bankrolled Islamic movements and terrorist groups from the Caucasus to the Hindu Kush.

It wasn’t a modest foreign policy, but it was a discreet one.

Today that circumspect diplomacy is in ruins, and the House of Saud looks more vulnerable than it has since the country was founded in 1926. Unraveling the reasons for the current train wreck is a study in how easily hubris, delusion, and old-fashioned ineptness can trump even bottomless wealth. ››read more

A Glimmer of Hope for Syria

by Robert Parry (source: Consortium news) November 1, 2015

With new negotiations starting in Vienna – and with Iran now allowed to participate – there is finally a glimmer of hope that the Syrian slaughter might end. But that will require concessions from all sides and President Obama standing up to the neocons who put “regime change” ahead of peace, writes Robert Parry. ››read more

The tide is turning against Zionist extremism

by Mark LeVine (source: Al-Jazeera English) October 21, 2015

Into this mix has come the BDS movement against the occupation. Its growing popularity among many academic professional societies is matched by an increasing willingness among American Jewish students to discuss and openly support the movement. Groups such as Open Hillel and Jewish Voices for Peace — the fastest-growing Jewish group in the U.S., which openly supports full BDS — are pushing the boundaries of acceptable criticism of Israel on campuses and beyond. ››read more

        Editor's note: Mark LeVine is a professor of history at the University of California at Irvine and a distinguished visiting professor at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies. He is a co-editor, with Mathias Mossberg, of “One Land, Two States: Israel and Palestine as Parallel States.”

Open Letter to Samantha Power, US Ambassador to UN

by Kaveh L. Afrasiabi (source: CASMII) October 18, 2015

US Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, has made serious errors of law by insisting publicly that Iran's recent missile test "was a clear violation of U.N. Security Council Resolution 1929." But, this reflects a basic ignorance of the UN-backed Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which clearly states that with the new UN Security Council resolution endorsing the JCPOA, all the previous UN Security Council resolutions on Iran "will be terminated." ››read more

Obama Won’t Admit the Real Targets of Russian Airstrikes

by Gareth Porter (source: Antiwar.com) October 17, 2015

No one is discussing the reality that the Russian offensive is targeting the biggest militant threat to the Assad regime ››read more

IAEA: Iran Met Deadline, Nuclear Inquiry Completed

by Jason Ditz (source: Antiwar.com) October 16, 2015

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) today confirmed that Iran has met all deadlines on their long-standing investigation into past atomic activities, and that the inquiry has concluded. The final report on the IAEA’s inquiry is due to be delivered by mid-December.

This is meant to cap many years of investigation, and resolve the repeated allegations of secret Iranian nuclear activities, though history suggests that there’ll be new rounds of allegations backed without evidence suddenly emerging to keep the IAEA from closing this outright. ››read more

US Falsely Claims Iran Missile Test a ‘Violation’ of UN Resolution

by Jason Ditz (source: Antiwar.com) October 16, 2015

Just a day after Iran’s Guardian Council approved the P5+1 nuclear deal, the US is already showing extremely bad faith, with Ambassador Samantha Power claiming Iran had violated a UN resolution with a recent missile test.

The resolution in question is 1929, which was itself created in response to the already resolved nuclear issue. The resolution forbids Iran from developing ballistic missiles for delivering nuclear warheads.

The US is falsely treating this as a ban on all ballistic missile improvements, even though the missile Iran tested is simply an improved version of the Shahab-3 missile, with better accuracy, and is not designed for nuclear arms. ››read more

“Diplomat” Publishes Second Issue

(source: Iran Review) October 13, 2015

The journal joined Iranian media through a detailed interview in its first issue with Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on the Joint Comprehensive Program of Action (JCPOA) and its implications on regional cooperation. The cover of the second issue carries a cartoon of US President Barak Obama, which is related to the special dossier of this foreign and international policy monthly. ››read more

        Editor's note: We welcome the publication of the monthly periodical "Diplomat" in Farsi in Tehran with Dr Kayhan Barzegar, Director of the Institute for Middle East Strategic Studies (IMESS), as Editor in Chief. "Diplomat" aspires to represent Iran's national interest in the region and the whole world. This introduction by Iran Review provides a summary of the articles in the second issue.

Iran Parliament approves JCPOA motion

(source: Press TV) October 13, 2015

The Iranian Parliament (Majlis) votes to approve a motion to implement the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the agreement previously reached between Iran and the P5+1.

The Parliament on Tuesday voted to approve the details of the single-urgency motion, which allows the administration to voluntarily implement its July 14 nuclear agreement with the P5+1 group of countries under certain conditions.

The motion secured 161 yes votes, 59 no votes, and 13 abstentions. A total of 250 lawmakers were present at the legislature at the time of the voting. ››read more

Putting Parchin to Rest

by Robert Kelly (source: Lobelog) October 9, 2015

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director-General Yukiya Amano and his top deputy last month finally paid a personal visit to a building at the sprawling Parchin military factory complex in Iran that they have suspected of housing unspecified nuclear-related experiments. Amano later reported that, in addition to some signs of recent renovation work, the building had “no equipment” inside it. ››read more

Elephant Not in the Room: Whither the Mythological Parchin Explosion Chamber?

by Yousaf Butt (source: Arms Control Law ) October 4, 2015

Many reporters and non-proliferation experts have been busy lately arguing over the protocols used for taking samples at the Parchin military site in Iran. They may have missed the elephant in the room. This might be excusable since there is no elephant in the room: the enormous explosion chamber that was supposed to be there was not seen by the IAEA in their latest visit to their latest building of interest at Parchin.
››read more

Rouhani’s Dual Messages and Iran’s Security Strategy

by Gareth Porter (source: Antiwar.com) October 2, 2015

Rouhani's UN message has opened the door on engagement with the US but insists that cooperation on resisting IS is the priority in Syria ››read more

Iran’s Parchin Nuclear Myth Begins To Unravel

by Gareth Porter (source: Middle East Eye) September 24, 2015

For well over three years, heavy doses of propaganda have created a myth about a purported steel cylinder for testing explosives located on a site at Iran’s Parchin military testing reservation. Iran was refusing to allow the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to inspect the site while it sought to hide its past nuclear weapons-related work, according to that storyline.

Now Iran has agreed to allow the IAEA to visit the site at Parchin and environmental samples have already been collected at the site. However, the politically charged tale of the bomb test chamber of Parchin is beginning to unravel. IAEA director general Yukiya Amano entered the building in which the explosives chamber had supposedly been located on Monday and announced afterward that he found “no equipment” in the building. ››read more

Iran Nuclear Deal: Yes to Lifting Sanctions! / No to Illegitimate Restrictions on Iran!

(source: IAC) September 20, 2015

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) outlines the agreement between Iran and the countries of 5+1. The 5+1 is dominated by the United States and its European allies (Britain, France, and Germany), which are Iran’s main adversaries. As JCPOA is being reviewed for approval or rejection by the United States House and Senate, we the undersigned state and demand the following: ››read more

Clinton's misperception of Iran

by Kaveh L. Afrasiabi (source: Middle East Eye) September 20, 2015

In a recent policy speech on Iran, the Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton announced her support of the nuclear deal with Iran as well as her determination to stand up to Iran and deter the Iranian threat in the Middle East as the next US president. Clinton compared Iran to ISIS and accused Tehran of fomenting chaos and supporting terrorism beyond its borders, and portrayed the Islamic Republic as a “brutal regime”. This while vowing to take military action if Iran's leaders were to decide to move towards nuclear weapons in the future. ››read more

Knives Out as Britain’s Corbyn Strikes Blow for Democracy

by Finian CUNNINGHAM (source: Strategic Culture Foundation) September 16, 2015

The British establishment just doesn’t get it: democracy has spoken, with the stunning election victory of socialist candidate Jeremy Corbyn to take the leadership of the Labour Party. Yet, immediately, the democratic mandate of his supporters was dismissed by the predominantly rightwing British media.....

Corbyn’s radical agenda is equally applicable to foreign policy. He is against Israeli occupation of Palestine, opposes Britain’s membership of the American-led NATO military alliance, and he is against the creeping British military involvement in Syria. Corbyn wants to normalise relations with Russia, and he is campaigning to disarm Britain’s nuclear arsenal. ››read more

Madness of Blockading Syria’s Regime

by Robert Parry (source: Consortium news) September 13, 2015

The U.S. State Department is trying to block Russian supplies going to Syria’s embattled government despite the risk that collapsing the regime would create a vacuum filled by the Islamic State or Al Qaeda, another nightmare dreamt up by the neocons and liberal hawks, writes Robert Parry. ››read more