Back from Iran after 30 years: Some Thoughts on the Politics Affecting the Country

by Brian Appleton(CASMII Columns)
Friday, September 5, 2008

What concerns me is that the Bush administration goaded Georgia, which also has long common heritage with Iran and was once part of Iran, into attacking South Ossetia and engaging the Russians into defending them by invading Georgia which was spun in the Western media as aggression. Saakashvili and his regime are not liked by the Georgian people.

The U.S. wants to control access to oil and gas in the Black Sea area and also secure Georgia to use as a base of operations to launch its attack on Iran just as it used Uzbekistan to launch attacks on Afghanistan.

It is obvious that even though the Cold War ended 20 years ago, the current administration still considers the Russian Federation a foe and an economic and military rival rather than using the dissolution of the USSR as an opportunity to create peace with trade and cultural exchange with Russia. Putting missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic and expanding NATO to include former Soviet satellite
countries takes advantage of fear and makes the Russian Federation a de facto enemy. I am old enough to remember the "Cuban Missile Crisis" under the Kennedy administration so why would anyone expect Russia to have a favorable reaction to moving missiles next door to them. I think in the scheme of the current White House, an attempt is being made here to create a buffer between Russia and Iran who are allied at the moment. They also have a long love-hate relationship over centuries.

One thing is certain that the defense contractors and the U.S. military-industrial complex were on the skids under Clinton and are back in business with the resurrection of the "Cold War" because without an enemy they have no clients. As far as I am concerned NATO should no longer exist and every honest effort should be made to improve relations with the Russian Federation.

On another note, I am just returned from a visit to Iran after an absence of 30 years since the revolution and Iran is much the same as I remembered and in many ways better. Thanks to U.S. propaganda, most Americans picture Iran as Saudi-Arabia and Saudi-Arabia as Iran. It is not that we have a poor sense of geography but this image conforms to the agenda of the American Century zionists who have been running the White House for the last eight years. In order to remove public resistance to another war, the "enemy" has to be completely dehumanized and demonized and feared. That justifies pre-emptive strikes in the trial of public opinion even though pre-emptive strikes are a violation of the UN Charter, the U.S. Constitution, the Geneva Convention and are tantamount to vigilantism and a breakdown of civilization as we know it. The agenda behind the nuclear scare, the Jihad rhetoric and the repression of women rhetoric, is really re-colonizing Iran and re-installing a puppet of the U.S. government something they call "exporting deomcracy."

At least in 2008, Iranians seem to be in charge of Iran rather than foreigners and of course that is the problem in a nutshell. They are no longer a U.S. colony and the military-industrial complex doesn't like that. They have scheduled black-outs every day around noon in every town and city to conserve power for the night time and they really do need more generating capacity but of course continuing to develop nuclear generating capacity provides the tool like WMD did in Iraq to justify a U.S. invasion. So Iran is stuck between a rock and a hard place because if they acquiesce to Bush's demands to desist from developing nuclear energy which they have the right to do under the terms of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) for domestic use, then they have basically given up their national sovereignty...again...meanwhile the media has effectively protrayed Ahmadinejad as a terrorist lunatic so nothing that he says is given any credibility and in fact he is given credit for things he hasn't actually said like wiping Israel off the map or that homosexuality does not exist in Iran.

Iran has attacked no one for 300 years now and Israel, a non-NPT member in possession of hundreds of nuclear warheads, has bombed Syria, Lebanon and Palestine repeatedly with complete impunity by claiming that pre-emptive strikes are a matter of their national survival. Well not only is this lawlessness but another example of the oppressed becoming the oppressor. As Albert Einstein once said: "Peace cannot be maintained by force. Peace can only be achieved by greater understanding."