Iraq's neighbors rejects using Iraqi lands as base for attack

(source: SANA)
Sunday, November 23, 2008

        Editor's note: Representatives from Syria, Jordan, Kuwait, Egypt, Bahrain, Turkey, Iran and Iraq took part in third meeting of the Security Cooperation and Coordination Committee for Iraq's neighboring countries.

The third meeting of the Cooperation & Coordination Security Committee for Iraq Neighboring countries on Sunday reiterated rejection of using Iraq's lands, waters or airspace as a passage or base to launch attacks against the neighboring countries.

In a final statement concluding meetings in Damascus today, the participants underlined their rejection of using Iraqi lands or any of the neighboring countries as a base to launch any terrorist acts that pose a threat to stability of Iraq and any of the neighboring countries'.

The participants appreciated Syria's efforts and cooperation in controlling borders with Iraq that led to improving security and stability, stressing that condoling borders is a common responsibility between Iraq and the neighboring countries.

That statement announced that the Iraqi delegation expressed rejection of the US aggression on the Syrian lands in al-BouKamal area last month, showing keenness to overcome repercussions of this act.

It added that the participants underlined respect for Iraq's territorial integrity and unity as well as preserving its Arab and Islamic identity, condemning all terrorist acts and aggressions targeting security of Iraq and the neighboring countries.